Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding

Postby SH7 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:01 pm

Hey everyone, I was lucky enough to get a Tamaskan pup from Lynn a few weeks back. Pleased to say he’s responding well to training: walks well, knows his basic commands, he’s great when handled and very well socialised.

The road to dealing with separation issues is an ongoing bit of training, but the area I wanted to discuss with the group is around his strong desire for resource guarding - does not apply to toys, favourite places, only applies to his food and especially high value treats like meaty ribs.

Like most pups he wanted to inhale his food. Tip for anyone in future struggling with that I found having him on a short leash, and hand feeding him is good for the dog to associate that the food is yours and that you’re letting him have it. He would still charge the bowl though, so this was dealt with by putting small amounts of his meal in a bowl out of reach, make him sit and tell him to wait, proceed to put the bowl on the floor (if he charges at any point then pull up on the leash and start again), if you get the bowl on the floor then keep telling him to wait for a few more seconds, and finally invite the dog to eat (I used “ok eat” and gestured to the food bowl with my hand. Repeat with the rest of his meal and maybe you get a handful or so of repeated exercises in to teach the pup this is your food and he only gets it when he’s calm and invited.

This is working as well, although slowly, with high value items like meaty bones however he is quickly skipping out the early signs of resource guarding (tense body, small growl, louder growls) and going straight to biting the air or me. A pretty normal instinct so no issues and we’re slowly trying exercises to correct. Will be trying to fit this into something like the above framework and will let the forum know what ends up working.

In the meantime I’m open to any suggestions or to hear stories of how other Tamaskan owners got their puppy to not be possessive of food and to hand it back if told to do so.

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