Hello from Reading, Berkshire :)

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Hello from Reading, Berkshire :)

Postby Nina H » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:35 am

Hi all :)

Me and my husband Rich live down in Berkshire in a little town called Shinfield, closest city being Reading. I've had dogs all my life, (GSD's mainly, but I've also had rottweilers, dobermans, great pyrenees and mixed breeds) whereas my husband is still fairly new to dogs. He was thrown in the deep end really, as when I moved from here from Sweden in 2009, I quickly became lost without a dog by my side and after a bit of persuasion (He was all about the potential destruction and soiling and all I kept warning him about was the hair.. hunny, it will be a LOT of hair... he just didn't get it :lol: ) we got our first rescue dog, a GSD mix (probably with malamute or samoyed) called Gypsy. Since then I've been involved with that same rescue and I've both fostered and adopted dogs since.

The last dog I adopted as a "failed fosterer" is an old Rottweiler/GSD mix called Kassie, and even though there is still some sparkle in her eyes, we know we won't have her for much longer. :'( So.....

Time is just about right for us to start looking for a pup. Gyp is at her prime at 6 years and is fantastic with pups, she also still has the energy to deal with them! I have a genuine passion for wolves, so of course when I first saw a Tamaskan, it was love at first sight. Having read up more about the breed and its characteristics, it seems a perfect match for me. Having had working breeds before, I am no stranger to what they require, both mentally and physically.

Anyways, that's a bit about me. Would love to hear more about your dogs, where you got them from, see photos, and I'd also welcome information about (or from) breeders who are looking to have a litter this year or next.

All the best :)
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Nina H
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Re: Hello from Reading, Berkshire :)

Postby kitsune » Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:04 pm

Hi and welcome
If you would like to chat to owners, breeders and people waiting or interested in pups feel free to message me (Beth Wilson) on fb.
There is a great page on there too (tamaskan dogs UK group)
We have a great community here in the UK and are very active, there are walks planned regularly and a holiday in the week following the annual show :D
Hope this helps
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Re: Hello from Reading, Berkshire :)

Postby Blustag » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:11 pm

Hi Nina welcome to our forum. Hope you find it interesting. Check out our events section for group walks along with news of our show coming up in May. If you want to come along and meet our pack of Tamaskan just let me know.... arcticbreeds@yahoo.co.uk we have visitors from all over most weekends. :D
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